Mario Cardianal

A DevOps coach specializing in software architecture, I am the co-founder of To-Do.Studio, a software publisher offering online collective workspaces extended with automated guides. As an experimenter and an entrepreneur, I like to seize opportunities that emerge from the unexpected.

Since 2004, year after year, I received the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft. MVP status is awarded to credible technology experts who are among the very best community members willing to share their experience to helping others realize their potential.

An experienced DevOps and Scrum practitioner, I have spent nearly 30 years designing large-scale information systems. I am the author of the book "Executable Specifications with Scrum" and I host of the Visual Studio Talk Show, a podcast about software architecture.

My friends recognize me as someone who can extract the essence of a complicated situation, sort out the core ideas from the incidental distractions and provide a summary that is easy to understand.

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#45 Retours de la Build 201812 mai 2018
#45 Retours de la Build 2018